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Dr Chi Chiang Tao demonstrates the Simplified Yang style Short Form, Taipei, July 1976. The form in this clip was demonstrated at a speed faster than usual in order to economise on Super 8 film. 3min 13sec.

Form Information: In Dr Chi’s version of the Simplified Yang Style Short Form the postures ‘Turn and Kick with Heel (L)’ and ‘Brush Left Knee and Push’ have been substituted with ‘Brush Left Knee and Push’, ‘Needles at Sea Bottom’, ‘Iron Fan Penetrates Back’, ‘Turn Body, Chop and Push’, ‘Step Forward, Deflect Downwards, Intercept and Punch’ and ‘Kick with Heel (R)’

Prof: Cheng Man Chin This is a wonderful video of Cheng Man Ching (1902 - 1975) leading a beginners class through several of the postures of Cheng’s 37 Movement Yang Form. This video is from 8mm film footage taken during the 1960’s at the Tai Chi school that Cheng Man Ching founded in New York City. Unfortunately there is no sound on the film, but one can still benefit greatly from watching and studying the movements of Cheng Man Ching teaching the form to students. See below: Beginners Class 2 and 3.

Dr. Chi Chiang Tao - Short Form - 1

Dr. Chi Chiang Tao - Short Form - 2

Cheng Man Ching Tai Chi Form

Cheng Man Ching, NYC, beginners class #2

Cheng Man Ching, NYC, beginners class #3

Lee Chan - Cheng Man Ching Style Taichi

Dr John Kells - Front Heart Salutations

Paul Crompton - The Complete Short Form

Cheng Man-ch’ing’s 37 Form Application