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South London Taichi offers comprehensive and graduated tuition in T’ai Chi Ch’uan. The syllabus is mostly the Yang style syllabus of the ‘British T’ai Chi Ch’uan Association’. However our teaching have been influenced by many teachers from many disiplines.

A series of “Sitting Exercises” have been developed to cater for more mature students with some degree of disabilities. Many online materials are available to facilitate students learning as well as a dedicated Taichi “WhatsApp Group” for communication purposes. One to One classes can accommodate for students with their varying disabilities and energy levels.

We are currently developing a programme on “Cane Form” for our more mature students.


Beginners start by learning “8 Movement Yang Style Taichi” and She-Ba-Shi Set-1(Taichi/Qigong), leading to Professor Cheng Man-Ch’ing’s Short Form (Dr. Chi Chiang Tao version). Alongside these students practice many Qigong, Sticking, and Spirals (silk-reeling) exercises. Shi-Ba-Shi sets (T’ai Chi/Qigong), Chi Walking exercises, Partner Work, Push-Hands and Ta Lu. These are all integral part of Taichi learning process. Students then go on to “The Welcome to Continuing Programme” to learn Yang Chengfu’s Long Form.

The Left Side, Weapon Form, and the Dance are taught with Master Mark Raudva in The The T’ai Chi Centre.